Reservations: A Dinner Party & Performance Series


Reservations is a a dinner party and performance series that was a project curated for The Justice Hotel at 6018 North in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. The series was held on the fourth Saturday of each month in the Fall/Winter of 2019.

The concept featured a long table seated dinner with performances from artists in-between three courses. In an event that was open to the public, dinner guests were invited to sit with strangers and break bread together, discuss topics related to justice, and engage with local artists who performed short pieces of music, poetry, dance, comedy and more. Each ticket was pay-what-you-can as a way to ensure that everyone had access to a seat at the table.

McKissick acted as both the curator and chef as a way to bring together her artistic and food practice. The largest dinner to date was for 50 guests.

Photo Credits: Ji Yang